Yes, love, I know… It’s alright.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Yes, love, I know
It’s hard
For both of us…

My wanting

Almost seeming to be baiting.
As I reach out in a way
That fills you
With fear.

It’s alright,
Runner man, it’s okay
Yes, I know
You’ll stay.
While you can.

Then you’ll go
And I’ll grow
And I’ll cry for a while…
It’s okay. I know you’ll stay.

It’s all right, darling
I shan’t get you lost
In a life that you dread.
As visions of wedding rings dance in your head.

Fear not.
Don’t flee.
I only want you
Close to me.

So, love me
Like the world is ending tomorrow.
And I’ll keep you heart safe in mine.

. . .