You will survive.

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Ever so slowly
Taking your own sweet time, my love
Let that long held sigh out.

When the winds howl
let that be your song
Run with the wolves
But don’t let them bleed your heart out.

Let your pounding heart now be heaven’s pain
Let the rain wash over all your doubts.
When the devil dances to your silent screams
Just open your eyes and see your dreams play out.

Lovely lady, put your smile back on.
Look! There’s all this love abound.
Oh dear girl, put a spring in your step
and turn around.

About time, perspective and healing from the past.

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You were so afraid of losing
Losing love, losing friends, losing chances
Afraid of losing every little thing really
That you kept filling your void senselessly.

You filled your void with so much noise
Any noise… jokes, laughter, giggles, banter
Screams, battle-cries and maudlin every-afters
Just so you could avoid hearing your own voice.

The poeple who were supposed to love you
Made you too afraid to look into a mirror.
You were taught instead to be a forced ideal
Of beauty, money, body, talk
philosophy, acceptance, love, respect, loss.

They did…

To The One Who Was Told To Always Toe The Line

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Oh what a terrible bore the Flying Monkeys are!
They swing from tree to tree
And sing their Demon song.

The same old verse — “The King comes First!”
And you, my dear, must sing along.

There will be a light at the end of the tunnel, they said,
And when you see it, (and see it you will)
You must turn right back on your heels, wade through the muck
And find your way back into this rabbit-hole again.

(They say…)

You may blink once for a ‘Yes’…

… In A World That Doesn’t Have The Time For it?

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Life, and within that context, relationships, are too long to expect yourself to ride nothing but the highs. You can’t choose the ebbs and the lows. They happen. Change happens. And we do a great kindness to ourselves and to others when we decide to call this change ‘evolution’.

And evolution is far from a straight line
Highs and lows
Victories and Failure
Ease and the Uncomfortable
Palatable and the Unlikeable
Seasons of brilliance and seasons of barely there, hanging by the skin of your teeth.

So the question…

How to keep calm and carry on being a clinger just because it is comforting.

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As a human with teetering self-worth, you know that the real purpose, real happiness, the whole point of this life is to find true love. To believe in true love is to believe in magic. All you have to do is take a deep breath and tell yourself that sooner or later love will manifest. That there is a special someone who has been carefully curated just to be your better half.

For years, Bollywood musicals, Hollywood rom-coms, Mills&Boon and Barbara Cartland’s regency romances have…

Because you deserve to, and have to, stand up for your heart.

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There is a certain kind of grace in love. The grace that teaches you courage and teaches you warmth. A grace that shows you how to be more of you and at the same time recognize that had it not been for a certain kind of love, you could never have been the kind of you that you would like to be. Love teaches you how to be you.

A part of the freedom of being yourself is also to honour parts of yourself that give a little…

To The Girl Who Is Trying To Find Home In This World.

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Till your feet go numb
Run …
So your heart finds a home.

Run to the sun
Catch the sun
Eat it up

Go be a glow-worm
In the woods
Where the crickets creak.

Then run to the river
Dive in
Swim in the rapids

Swim with the sharks!
With the star-fish…
With the dolphins…

Lie in a bed of anemones
Get tangled up in sea-weeds
Go play hide-and-seek …
In the forgotten ship-wrecks and forsaken debris… Go!

Float-in with the tide…

About meaning, and belonging, and rest and care…after a lifetime of running away.

Photo by Elaine Howlin on Unsplash

Where will you find home…
Now that, yet again, you have moved away?
In the boxes stacked up in the corners of your mind?
In the straining awnings of false pretenses
That you disguised as your martyred self?

Do you think you could ever make your way back home again,
After years and years of bleating on
About how you could barely survive
The mundane regular-ness of life?

Not having tasted the essence of your own waters
How do you expect to be a safe harbour? …

Everyday positive interactions that heal relationships and bring more happiness.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Every relationship has it’s set of problems. Big or small, they form the creaking wheels of a machinery which needs much oiling and constant maintenace. It would be foolish to assume your relationship would always be happy and stress-free. It would be equally foolish to assume that happiness comes naturally and that if it takes effort it’s not worth it.

The best of us would admit that we sometimes can’t stand the sight of our partner. …

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

One of the most unique aspects of our human existence is the ability to feel, process, express and communicate emotions. And what is even more interesting is our need to have our emotions validated. We communicate via words, inflections of speech, nuances of our facial expressions and body language. We often also communicate in the way we DO NOT express certain things.

We can never really know when, what or who would disappoint us. But almost every day, with a slightly dispiriting inevitability, someone will hurt us in some way. It could be a friend, a colleague, a child or…

Yashodhara Pawar

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