The Other Half Of The Lovestory

Yashodhara Pawar
2 min readAug 30, 2021


Oh! When Love Was In Love With You.

Photo by Ty Williams on Unsplash

Oh, you tried!
You tried so hard
To have your heart turn
You gave it your all, and then some more.

You burned it all down and called it the alter of fate
You turned yourself inside out
Bare bones and blood
Till nothing but smoke clouds remained.

You waited… And waited
And bid your time
Till the air could rush back in into your veins
And turn the ice in your lungs to gold.

You thought you knew love
And it would abide.
You thought you held all the pieces
And you could bring it back to life.

If you could set the stage for it just so, you thought
And sprinkle it with salt and pepper
Then it would taste the same. Smell the same.
And to your touch it would turn pink and marshmallow.

But it didn’t. Did it?
It wasn’t quite like it was before.
It was like love didn’t know you anymore.
Didn’t see you at it’s door.

You gave it a new face. A new name.
New clothes and comforts.
You decked the halls in glitter
And laughter and adventures and fun galore.

Yet, it wasn’t warm enough.
Or soft. Or full. Or bright.
It didn’t feel like the love you once knew
No. It didn’t taste of joy.

Joy! Oh how you miss it now.
How you chased after it, tails on end
Running in circles, chasing pavements
Scouring the ends of the earth
Till your heart turned blue.

You thought you could make it beautiful
And turned yourself to clay.
Cast awash, leached of all that was good and holy
You wonder now, why the drab din’t get any better
You rue the dismal it’s glory.

You thought love was a canvas
And you could paint over it how you like.
But the landscapes you drew
They were all memories of the old…

Old stars pointing north
Old scars etched into your soul
Old stories. Old songs
Old comforts. An old kind of whole.

A whole that seems half of …
Half of you.
Half of your story.
Half of your silent tears. Half of every memory.

The Other half of the lovestory
A half that’s left without a home.
Half of everything you want and need
Half of everything… now gone.

Oh! When love was in love with you
Then you were clean and brave.
And miles around the wonder grew
How well did life behave!

And now the fancy passes by
And nothing will remain.
And miles around they’ll say
That you will never be quite yourself ever again.

. . .